Smart cities Needs Smart Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary simple self configuring wireless mesh network based on 802.15.4 standard - a single Hardware component, No manual network configuration Self Direct device to device communication network topology where all devices network nodes are interconnected with each other. 

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With more than 30% of our staff dedicated to research and development, innovation is a core part of the Cityntel M Sdn Bhd DNA. When you invest in an Cityntel M Sdn Bhd solution, you gain first hand access to cutting edge technology and can rest assured that your investment is protected by the best in the industry.

What Makes us Special?
We think differently. We stand out from the crowd but for all the right reasons. We innovate, we move fast, and we constantly challenge ourselves to come up with better ways of doing things. We empower our people to make decisions and take ownership of their ideas. We get stuck in, we make things happen, and - most importantly - we get results.

Our team is diverse enough to handle any query, but close-knit enough to ensure the right hand always communicates with the left. We apply the same targeted approach to our technology design, to provide solutions that make for cost-effective and efficient implementation and operation.