Innovative Luminosa (AI)  Artificial Intelligence Controller Perfect Solution for Smart urban Life Style.


Revolutionary simple self configuring wireless mesh network based on 802.15.4 standard - a single Hardware component, No manual network configuration Self Direct device to device communication network topology where all devices network nodes are interconnected with each other. 

Ultra Flex Communication

Low cost ultra flex embedded artificial intelligence direct communication between add on devices

Most informative Human

Optional add on sensors gathering  informations while utilize Energy Saving  Solution Such as 

  • Human Presence
  • Traffic Density
  • Road Condition  Dry, Wet, Snow, Icy
Flexible implementation

Unique flexible implementation for adaptive Smart City Projects.

  • Main road
  • Crossroad
  • Residential area
  • City center
  • Industrial area
  • Highway
Simple Web UI

Embedded single device Luminosa AI Controller

  • luminaire Controller
  • Communication interface
  • web based UI

Optionall Add on Sensors, provide additional tremendous cost effective benefits for the Smart City environments.



Unique Smart City Services

Simplest largest wireless network is street lights as a base wireless network (With Luminosa AI Controller)

  1. Smart Parking
  2. Smart Traffic
  3. Smart Transport
  4. Smart Charging
  5. Smart Urban Planing

Innovative Luminosa controller, in your corner!
Our team is diverse enough to handle any query, but close-knit enough to ensure the right hand always communicates with the left. We apply the same targeted approach to our technology design, to provide solutions that make for cost-effective and efficient implementation and operation.


LUMINOSA Artificial Intelligence Controller an embedded  device attached to streetlight polls or embedded with LED streetlights while providing energy saving facilities,  also  additionally  attaching specific environmental Sensors Collected Data's interfaced with unlimited benefits out.  where Smart cities to be.

Financing available ask for details.